You have stumbled  upon the website of Maureen B. Keane, nutritionist and the author of the best-selling Juicing for Life, What to Eat if You have Cancer and Smoothies for Life. This is also where I have my blog.  My blog welcomes general questions on health and nutrition but I cannot answer personal health questions.

Pressure Cooking the Easy Way and all of the books in my What to Eat series are published by McGraw-Hill and are either available in local bookstores or can be ordered online. Smoothies for Life is published by Random House via Prima and Juicing for Life is published by Penguin via Avery. You can order the books through the Amazon links you will find on the side of my blog page. For what I’m up to this month, check the area immediately below. I will update it monthly. Sláinte is the name of the column I write for Celtic Connection, a West Coast Irish paper and of my snarky alter ego who writes it. You can access the archives above.

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