How to Juice a Berry

Berries are full of antioxidant nutrients. However, many of the phytochemicals they contain are found in the skin. Plus Free digital photos  RASPBERRY ON WHITE James Barkerdelicate berries are mostly made of juice and contain so little fiber it doesn’t really make sense to run them through a juicer. I suggest you process fragile berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in a blender so the skins are pulverized into the berry juice. Then add this fragrant juice/fiber combination to apple juice fresh from your juicer. For a special brunch drink, freeze this blender-berry juice in ice-cube trays, add a few frozen cubes to a glass and pour fresh citrus juice over them. The berries add sweetness, color, flavor and antioxidant goodness to the drinks as they melt.


New Co-Author

In the past few months I have acquired a new co-author. Her name is Sáoirse which is an Irish girl’s name that means “freedom”. She is intimately involved with all parts of my writing going so far as to sleep on top of the keyboard in an effort to absorb the information. Not many writers are willing to go that far!

Sleep Learning

Sáoirse is a 4 year old Maine Coon and a retired breeding queen who was rescued by a breeder from a bad situation in another cattery.

Sáoirse (sheer-sa) wants to write a fiction story based on her experiences in catteries. We just recently got her papers and found out both parents were champions. But even when you come from a prestigious bloodline life can be hard when you are a queen who hates cages.

As you can see below Sáoirse likes to keep her paws in all parts of the business including finances.

Above we see Sáoirse the copier vulture keeping a close eye on things in the office.