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Maureen is the best-selling author of Juicing for Life, What to Eat If You Have Cancer and twelve other books on health and nutrition. She has a masters degree in nutrition from Bastyr University and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Traditional Irish Soda Bread Do’s and Don’ts

Last Saturday here in Seattle we had the annual Irish Soda Bread Contest. The weekend before, a workshop was held on how to bake traditional soda bread and I was privileged to be asked back again to speak to the novice bakers. Mary Shriane, who has won and placed in the Seattle contest so often she hasn’t kept score, was the master baker. At the end of the afternoon each participant brought home at least one loaf of fresh bread and great fun was had by all.

Since St. Patrick’s day is coming up (and here in Seattle we celebrate with a whole week of Irish activities), I thought I might talk a bit about how to bake a good loaf of traditional Irish soda bread so you can try it yourself and surprise your family on March 17th.

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Juice Rant

Maureen pulls out her soapbox, climbs up and clears her throat.

First off I want to stress that I do not work for or represent any juice extractor or juice supplement. You won’t see me on TV selling juicers and extolling their virtues. So when I recommend some juice you can be sure it is not so I can sell you a juicer to fix the problem. Second, juicing is not a miracle cure. People are not going to lay down their crutches and walk away from the shrine of the juice extractor. The blind won’t see and those with Parkinson’s disease won’t be still.  Don’t laugh. I have seen some “juice seminars” that resembled church meetings far more than appliance demonstrations.

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