Welcome to my juice page where we will discuss the benefits of drinking raw juices and learn about their healthful properties. Sometimes I will explain a traditional use for a plant or its juice. Sometimes I will report on a study that found a benefit from juices. I promise not to confuse the two.

Our word chemical comes from the Greek word “chemia” which means plant juice. For centuries, plant juices and extracts have been used for their healing and medicinal properties. Today, with modern methods of creating drugs and chemicals, we have forgotten about the original natural drugs nature has given us-fruits and vegetables.

The use of raw fruit and vegetable juices to promote health is one of the most misunderstood therapies available today.  Too many consumers perceive juicing to be quick cure for whatever ails you. In reality, juicing is an adjuvant remedy that utilizes the concentrated components of fruits and vegetables to support the body during periods of stress and recuperation.

Adjuvant means that the remedy or treatment assists the primary therapy but is not used alone to treat the problem. Juicing is not a miracle cure or short cut to health; it is a gentle way to nourish and sustain the body while other therapies work to correct the disease. Juicing helps other therapies work by strengthening the body and increasing its ability to heal itself. It can supply nutrients and energy during times when other foods are not palatable or when solid food is difficult to eat or to digest.

Helpful as juicing can be, it should never be substituted for proper medical treatment.

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5 thoughts on “Juice!”

  1. Did you get my email about JFL royalty? I think we need to discuss this last statement.

  2. I have one of you books Juicing for life. Is this book still good as per juicing for different ailments? It is a 1992 edition and would you say you would change or upgrade the book today. I may prediabetes. My doctor is watching my glucose. Would following the diabetes juicing and mostly vegetables and fish be your recommendation today? I am in my 60’s and also need 30-35 lbs. I have been told to juice rather them have smoothies because the juice will get into our system faster and a smoothing can make it more luggish. My thought would be have maybe one smoothing a day. Appreciate any advice you may have for me coming from a nutritionest.

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