Green apple in handWord has come that the McDonald’s happy meal is about to become happier. For the parents that is. On second thought, scrap that because if the parent makes McDonald’s a regular source of food for their child they probably don’t care (for whatever reason) what their kids eat. So make that happier for the adult that child is going to be and not the adult that cares for the child.

Eating at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s is associated with an increase in obesity. I’m not against children eating at McDonald’s but as an occasional treat not as a daily fare.

The new happy meal will include a piece of fruit and a smaller portion of french fries.


Juice Rant

Maureen pulls out her soapbox, climbs up and clears her throat.

First off I want to stress that I do not work for or represent any juice extractor or juice supplement. You won’t see me on TV selling juicers and extolling their virtues. So when I recommend some juice you can be sure it is not so I can sell you a juicer to fix the problem. Second, juicing is not a miracle cure. People are not going to lay down their crutches and walk away from the shrine of the juice extractor. The blind won’t see and those with Parkinson’s disease won’t be still.  Don’t laugh. I have seen some “juice seminars” that resembled church meetings far more than appliance demonstrations.

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